We know you work hard for your money, we want to help you stretch it out! This is our "Big Bang for the Bucks" deal. All the older movies (green dot) are $2.00 each for 4 days, all the time. But if you grab 4 movies at once, you still get them for 4 days, but 2 of them are free! 4 movies 4 days, $4.00! Nice, eh? You're welcome



EJ'S Video  rental. Rent Films, New DVD Releases films, trailers , instore discounts and specials. Also has an Entertainment page which includes Live Music from around the Clearlake area, an Online shopping mall, online businesses, local business and much more. This is our Main page-pretty self explantory. If you want to know what LIVE Music is  playing this weekend you're at the right place. If you're vacationing at the Lake and need a restaurant, or want to rent a boat or jet ski or need swim gear and want to know about the Street Fairs and the Festivals, EJ'S Video will tell all and keep you informed. Just click on Menu Bar.  Here you'll find info on our regular store specials as well as some associate sites to pursue.

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 Saturday nite special! This'll slay you! New release movies are normally a one nite rental, but on Saturday we break all the rules! Any new movies rented on Saturday aren't due back until Monday! That's one day for free!